Communication, commitment, change ... these are the keys to breaking down the barriers that engender racial intolerance in Britain. I founded the British Indian Association three years ago with the aim to change accepted preconceptions about race and ethnicity. My desire is to bring British and Indian cultures together to celebrate the diversity of Britain and gain insight into each sector of our community. Communication is the vehicle for change, and it is my desire to create a dialogue between cultures.

I am an Inspector in the West Yorkshire police committed to serving the wider community. I feel it is imperative to instil a sense of pride in our children, to celebrate our Indian, as well as our British heritage. To integrate, respect and serve our wider communities.

The Indian community forms a significant part of British society and the richness and diversity that this country draws from its Indian community has made Britain a stronger nation. Indians are thriving in this country, prominent in every field, from medicine and law, to sport, manufacturing and business. We have, as a group, powered the British economy, creating tens of thousands of jobs throughout the UK, enriching British society immeasurably. We represent a community of immense and astonishing vitality.

My aim, my vision is to build on the foundations of our accomplishments by establishing a common body (BIA), which is to be unconnected with politics or religion. Through this organisation our children and generations to come, will be able to see the success of our community and individuals within it. But most importantly of all, coming together will engender an atmosphere of pride and shared success, and will enable us to show our children that the right path is one of hard work and happiness, not crime, drugs and greed. Our culture is based on respect for others and it is our duty to help each other to instil these values in our offspring, encouraging them to become a true asset to the nation.

Our message is simple... proud to be a British Indian, proud to be in Britain