Vision Statement

We want the British Indian Association to be a social centre of learning, and a constant source of guidance and inspiration to our members and most importantly, to our children. It is to be a nucleus of energy, born out of lively activity and debate, where like-minded people share their everyday experiences.

Mission Statement

Proud to be a British Indian, proud to be in Britain. The British Indian Association promotes and celebrates the success of the Indian Community in Britain through constantly reinforcing the positive identity of British Indians.


To unite as a community to promote, rejoice and celebrate the success we see in our Indian Community.


  • To involve Indian families by offering a source of guidance and support to create a positive image of Indians in Britain.
  • To give Indian children pride, self-esteem, a loving environment with a sense of achievement, and to nurture their beliefs with positive experiences and role models.
  • To recognise the importance of Indian cultural heritage and actively assist in its promotion.
  • To build a race relations which values the diversity of multi-cultural Britain and fosters a harmonious and positive message to all.
  • To ensure Indian involvement in raising Britain's economy through prosperity born from passion and pride for the country.